Cyprus (Cyprus vACC)


Come visit an extraordinary area control center, situated above the island of Cyprus. With three possible airports to fly or control, what's stopping you?

Pilots can fly between our  airports, and surrounding countries at ease, with air traffic controllers helping them all the way, whereas controllers can support these pilots by providing top effort air traffic control services.

Whether your hobby in the world of flight simulation and VATSIM is large or small, we always have a place for you in our community.

vACC Staff

Callsign Position Name
ACCCY1 Director (acting) Andreas Dermitzakis
ACCCY2 Assistant Director (acting) Florian Harms
ACCCY3 Operations Manager VACANT
ACCCY4 ATC Training Director Alexander Nakopoulos
ACCCY5 Assistant ATC Training Director VACANT
ACCCY6 Assistant Pilots Training Director Kiriakos Koukoulis
ACCCY10 Events Director Christos Christoforou
ACCCY12 Web Services Director Theodore Messinezis

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Approved ATC frequencies

Callsign Position Name Frequency
LCCC_CTR Nicosia Control (main frequency) 129.550
LCCC_E_CTR Nicosia East Control (high traffic loads) 126.300
LCCC_S_CTR Nicosia South Control (high traffic loads) 124.200
LCCC_W_CTR Nicosia West Control (high traffic loads) 125.500
LCLK_APP Larnaca Approach 121.200
LCLK_GND Larnaca Ground 119.100
LCLK_TWR Larnaca Tower 119.400
LCPH_APP Paphos Approach 120.800
LCPH_GND Paphos Ground 119.150
LCPH_TWR Paphos Tower 119.900
LCRA_APP Akrotiri Approach 123.600
LCRA_GND Akrotiri Ground 122.100
LCRA_TWR Akrotiri Tower 122.400

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Country Airports

ICAO IATA Name Major
LCRA AKT Akrotiri
LCPH PFO Pafos Intl
LCLK LCA Larnaca Intl

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Upcoming Events

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Previous Events

Start Title
2016-04-09 16:00:00 UTC Operational Merge (HvACC&CvACC) Celebration!
2016-06-19 15:00:00 UTC Summer Kick
2016-04-02 17:30:00 UTC Cyprus Airways LCLK-LGAV

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