Germany (vACC Germany)


VATSIM Germany" (vACC Germany) is part of the worldwide onlineflying organization VATSIM, that has currently more than 170,000 members in its records. VATSIM stands for Virtual Air Traffic SIMulation Network and our goal is to simulate the world of civil aviation as good as possible.

Basically the game has two sides: pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC).
Pilots sit at home in front of their computers or in their homecockpits and by using a client they connect their Microsoft Flightsimulator, X-Plane or Precision Simulator 1.3 to VATSIM, while ATC are using a special radar control software, which is connected to VATSIM as well. Using a combination of a headphone with a microphone pilots and ATC communicate with a software that transmits their voice, so we are actually talking to each other which boosts the level of realism significantly!

We offer pilots navigation charts that are either selfmade by us or that are available freely on the internet. We also do have a huge database of flightplans that are up to date and validated with realworld EUROCONTROL and pilots can file them directly online with VATSIM! Finally we do have a local Pilot Training Chief, who organizes regular online pilot training sessions and you can also receive direct help in our VATSIM Germany Forum.

Our ATC receive personal training, navigation data (so called sector files) and training manuals, that will help them perform their duties as good as possible. Their objective is handling the traffic as professional and safe as they can. This is based on a career-scheme, that candidates run through step by step and make their way from being a student to the rating of a senior controller. At each step they need to complete lessons and theoretical but for some also practical checks, where they have to show what they have learned so far.

To avoid boredom and the everyday-feeling local groups and also the whole of "VATSIM Germany" organize every now and then big events. These are usually attended by a high number of pilots and ATC and they all need to show their skill and they also have an excellent opportunity to test their personal limits!

And finally the most important and probably for some of you also the most surprising information:

Except for the flightsimulator software and optional and sometimes recommended aircraft and scenery-addons everything at VATSIM is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE ! The network finances itself through donations of individuals or nice people who just allow us to run software on their internet-servers. All the time and effort that keeps things running is invested for pleasure only, which makes it even more important to be extremely thankful to all these great people behind the scenes!!!

vACC Staff

Callsign Position Name
ACCGER1 Director Christian Neumann
ACCGER2 Chief ATD Bernd Mehl
ACCGER2D Deputy ATD Gordian Heer
ACCGER3D Deputy PTD Andre Koloschin
ACCGER10 Chief TEC (Webmaster) Kai Klingenberg
ACCGER11 Deputy TEC Sven Kratochvil
ACCGER12 Deputy TEC Adam Trzcinski
ACCGER20 Chief PR & Events Marius Gebauer
ACCGER21 Deputy PR & Events Adam Trzcinski
ACCGER30 Chief NAV Dominik Samuelis
ACCGER31 NAV Department Niklas Osbahr
ACCGER4 Chief EDBB Gordian Heer
ACCGER4D Deputy EDBB Matthias Kumor
ACCGER5 Chief EDFF Denis Brenner
ACCGER5D Deputy EDFF Friedrich Boenisch
ACCGER6 Chief EDLL Lars TöNning
ACCGER6D Deputy EDLL Florian Rauch
ACCGER7 Chief EDMM Christian Speth
ACCGER7D Deputy EDMM Bernd Mehl
ACCGER8 Chief EDWW Henning Jacobsen

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Approved ATC frequencies

Callsign Position Name Frequency
EDAB_I_TWR Bautzen Info 120.600
EDAC_I_TWR Altenburg Info 123.570
EDAG_I_TWR Großrückerswalde Info 123.000
EDAH_TWR Heringsdorf Tower 132.820
EDAK_I_TWR Grossenhain Info 122.700
EDAU_I_TWR Riesa Info 122.600
EDAV_I_TWR Finow Info 119.050
EDAY_I_TWR Strausberg Info 123.050
EDAZ_I_TWR Schönhagen Info 131.150
EDBB_DEP Bremen Radar (Berlin departure) 120.620
EDBB_F_APP Berlin Director 121.120
EDBB_N_APP Bremen Radar (Berlin Arrival North) 119.620
EDBB_S_APP Bremen Radar (Berlin Arrival South) 126.420
EDBC_GND Cochstedt Ground 121.820
EDBC_TWR Cochstedt Tower 131.120
EDBH_I_TWR Barth Info 118.070
EDBK_I_TWR Kyritz Info 122.720
EDBM_I_TWR Magdeburg Info 119.300
EDBN_I_TWR Neubrandenburg Info 119.170
EDBW_I_TWR Werneuchen Info 122.600
EDBY_I_TWR Schmoldow Info 122.850
EDCA_I_TWR Anklam Info 122.650
EDCD_I_TWR Drewitz Info 118.120
EDCG_I_TWR Rügen Info 123.000
EDCJ_I_TWR Jahnsdorf Info 122.500
EDCM_I_TWR Kamenz Info 122.050
EDCP_I_TWR Peenemünde Info 122.470
EDCS_I_TWR Saarmund Info 123.650
EDDB_A_GND Schönefeld Ground 129.600
EDDB_ATIS Schönefeld ATIS 124.950
EDDB_DEL Schönefeld Delivery 121.600
EDDB_N_GND Schönefeld Ground 129.500
EDDB_N_TWR Schönefeld Tower 120.020
EDDB_S_GND Schönefeld Ground 121.700
EDDB_S_TWR Schönefeld Tower (South) 118.800
EDDB_V_TWR Schönefeld Tower (VFR) 119.570
EDDC_A_GND Dresden Apron 121.750
EDDC_APP München Radar (SASL Sachsen Low) 125.870
EDDC_ATIS Dresden ATIS 118.870
EDDC_GND Dresden Ground 121.970
EDDC_TWR Dresden Tower 122.920
EDDE_A_GND Erfurt Apron 121.900
EDDE_ATIS Erfurt ATIS 133.420
EDDE_GND Erfurt Ground 121.750
EDDE_TWR Erfurt Tower 121.150
EDDF_ATIS Frankfurt ATIS 118.020
EDDF_D_APP Langen Radar (Frankfurt Departure) 120.150
EDDF_DEL Frankfurt Delivery 121.900
EDDF_E_GND Frankfurt East Apron 121.950
EDDF_F_APP Frankfurt North Director 127.270
EDDF_GND Frankfurt Ground 121.800
EDDF_H_APP Langen Radar (Frankfurt High Approach) 119.020
EDDF_N_APP Langen Radar (Frankfurt North Approach) 120.800
EDDF_P_GND Frankfurt Pushback Apron 121.850
EDDF_S_APP Langen Radar (Frankfurt South Approach) 125.350
EDDF_TWR Frankfurt Main Tower 119.900
EDDF_U_APP Frankfurt South Director 118.500
EDDF_W_GND Frankfurt West Apron 121.750
EDDF_W_TWR Frankfurt Tower (West) 124.850
EDDG_APP Langen Radar (HMML Hamm Low) 129.300
EDDG_ATIS Münster ATIS 127.170
EDDG_GND Münster Ground 121.870
EDDG_TWR Münster Tower 129.800
EDDH_ATIS Hamburg ATIS 123.120
EDDH_DEL Hamburg Ground 121.800
EDDH_E_APP Bremen Radar (HAME Hamburg Arrival East) 127.670
EDDH_F_APP Hamburg Director 118.200
EDDH_GND Hamburg Apron 121.700
EDDH_R_TWR Hamburg Tower (Radar) 121.270
EDDH_TWR Hamburg Tower 126.850
EDDH_W_APP Bremen Radar (HAMW Hamburg Arrival West) 134.250
EDDI_ATIS Tempelhof ATIS 126.020
EDDI_GND Tempelhof Ground 121.950
EDDI_TWR Tempelhof Tower 119.570
EDDK_APP Langen Radar (KAE Köln Arrival East) 118.750
EDDK_ATIS Köln/Bonn ATIS 124.100
EDDK_DEL Köln/Bonn Delivery 121.850
EDDK_F_APP Köln/Bonn Director 121.050
EDDK_GND Köln/Bonn Ground 121.720
EDDK_TWR Köln/Bonn Tower 124.970
EDDK_W_APP Langen Radar (KAW Köln Arrival West) 135.350
EDDL_APP Langen Radar (Düsseldorf Arrival) 128.550
EDDL_ATIS Düsseldorf ATIS 123.770
EDDL_DEL Düsseldorf Delivery 121.770
EDDL_E_GND Düsseldorf Ground (East) 121.600
EDDL_F_APP Düsseldorf Director 128.650
EDDL_N_APP Langen Radar (Departure North) 128.500
EDDL_S_APP Langen Radar (Departure South) 121.350
EDDL_TWR Düsseldorf Tower 118.300
EDDL_W_GND Düsseldorf Ground (West) 121.900
EDDM_1_APP München Radar (North High) 128.020
EDDM_1_GND München Apron (Apron 1 and 6-9) 121.770
EDDM_2_APP München Radar (South High) 120.770
EDDM_2_GND München Apron (Apron 2) 121.700
EDDM_3_GND München Apron (Apron 3) 121.920
EDDM_ATIS München ATIS 123.120
EDDM_DEL München Delivery 121.720
EDDM_F_APP München Director 118.820
EDDM_N_APP München Radar (North Low) 123.900
EDDM_N_GND München Ground (North) 121.970
EDDM_N_TWR München Tower (North) 118.700
EDDM_S_APP München Radar (South Low) 127.950
EDDM_S_GND München Ground (South) 121.820
EDDM_S_TWR München Tower (South) 120.500
EDDN_APP München Radar (FRKL Franken Low) 129.520
EDDN_ATIS Nürnberg ATIS 123.070
EDDN_F_APP Nürnberg Director 119.470
EDDN_GND Nürnberg Ground 118.100
EDDN_TWR Nürnberg Tower 118.300
EDDP_APP München Radar (TRGL Thüringen Low) 126.170
EDDP_ATIS Leipzig ATIS 123.950
EDDP_DEL Leipzig Delivery 121.800
EDDP_F_APP Leipzig Director 128.470
EDDP_GND Leipzig Ground 121.670
EDDP_N_TWR Leipzig Tower North 125.950
EDDP_S_TWR Leipzig Tower South 121.100
EDDR_APP Langen Radar (PFA Pfalz) 129.670
EDDR_ATIS Saarbrücken ATIS 125.300
EDDR_TWR Saarbrücken Tower 118.350
EDDS_2_TWR Stuttgart Tower (VFR) 119.050
EDDS_ATIS Stuttgart ATIS 126.120
EDDS_DEL Stuttgart Delivery 121.900
EDDS_F_APP Stuttgart Director 119.850
EDDS_GND Stuttgart Ground 118.600
EDDS_N_APP Langen Radar (STG Stuttgart) 125.050
EDDS_S_APP Langen Radar (RTL Reutlingen) 119.200
EDDS_TWR Stuttgart Tower 118.800
EDDT_ATIS Tegel ATIS 125.900
EDDT_DEL Tegel Delivery 121.920
EDDT_GND Tegel Ground 121.750
EDDT_TWR Tegel Tower 124.520
EDDV_APP Bremen Radar (HAN Hannover) 131.320
EDDV_ATIS Hannover ATIS 132.120
EDDV_DEL Hannover Delivery 120.400
EDDV_F_APP Hannover Director 119.600
EDDV_GND Hannover Ground 121.950
EDDV_TWR Hannover Tower 120.170
EDDW_APP Bremen Radar (ALEL Aller East Low) 124.800
EDDW_ATIS Bremen ATIS 132.370
EDDW_DEL Bremen Delivery 134.820
EDDW_F_APP Bremen Director 125.850
EDDW_GND Bremen Ground 121.750
EDDW_TWR Bremen Tower 120.320
EDEH_I_TWR Herrenteich Info 132.050
EDEL_I_TWR Langenlonsheim Info 122.870
EDER_I_TWR Wasserkuppe Info 118.650
EDFA_I_TWR Anspach Info 121.020
EDFB_I_TWR Reichelsheim Info 120.420
EDFC_I_TWR Aschaffenburg Info 132.420
EDFE_GND Egelsbach Apron 121.720
EDFE_I_TWR Egelsbach Info 118.400
EDFG_I_TWR Gelnhausen Info 123.050
EDFH_APP Langen Radar (EIF Eifel) 125.600
EDFH_ATIS Hahn ATIS 120.900
EDFH_GND Hahn Ground 121.970
EDFH_TWR Hahn Tower 119.650
EDFM_APP Langen Radar (NKRL Neckar Low) 129.350
EDFM_ATIS Mannheim ATIS 122.500
EDFM_TWR Mannheim Tower 129.770
EDFQ_APP Langen Radar (GIN Giessen) 124.720
EDFQ_ATIS Allendorf ATIS 118.820
EDFQ_I_TWR Allendorf Info 118.170
EDFU_I_TWR Mainbullau Info 122.370
EDFV_I_TWR Worms Info 124.600
EDFY_I_TWR Elz Info 123.600
EDFZ_I_TWR Mainz Info 122.920
EDGG_A_CTR Langen Radar (HAB Hammelburg) 134.200
EDGG_B_CTR Langen Radar (BAD Baden) 127.050
EDGG_CTR Langen Radar (Complete) 135.720
EDGG_D_CTR Langen Radar (DKB Dinkelsbühl) 125.200
EDGG_E_CTR Langen Radar (HEF Hersfeld) 127.720
EDGG_F_CTR Langen Information (FIS, South and East) 128.950
EDGG_G_CTR Langen Radar (GED Gedern) 124.420
EDGG_H_CTR Langen Radar (HMMM Hamm Medium) 129.170
EDGG_I_CTR Langen Radar (KIR Kirn) 124.370
EDGG_K_CTR Langen Radar (KNG König) 125.670
EDGG_L_CTR Langen Radar (LBU Luburg) 131.300
EDGG_M_CTR Langen Radar (MAN Main) 119.670
EDGG_N_CTR Langen Radar (NKRH Neckar High) 127.500
EDGG_P_CTR Langen Radar (PAD Paderborn High) 135.650
EDGG_R_CTR Langen Radar (RUD Rüdesheim) 124.470
EDGG_S_CTR Langen Radar (PSA Spessart) 125.400
EDGG_T_CTR Langen Radar (TAU Taunus) 127.620
EDGG_U_CTR Langen Information (FIS, West) 123.520
EDGG_V_CTR Langen Information (FIS, North and East) 119.150
EDGG_W_CTR Langen Information (FIS, North and West) 129.870
EDGG_X_CTR Langen Radar (Special event) 130.970
EDGG_Z_CTR Langen Radar (KTG Kitzingen) 120.570
EDGP_I_TWR Oppenheim Information 122.000
EDGS_APP Langen Radar (SIG Siegen) 124.900
EDGS_ATIS Siegerland ATIS 128.700
EDGS_I_TWR Siegerland Info 120.370
EDHE_I_TWR Uetersen Info 122.700
EDHG_I_TWR Lüneburg Info 122.170
EDHI_TWR Finkenwerder Tower 123.250
EDHK_I_TWR Kiel Info 119.970
EDHL_ATIS Lübeck ATIS 119.920
EDHL_GND Lübeck Ground 121.770
EDHL_TWR Lübeck Tower 128.700
EDJA_APP München Radar (LCH Lech) 129.450
EDJA_ATIS Memmingen ATIS 118.850
EDJA_GND Memmingen Ground 121.670
EDJA_TWR Memmingen Tower 126.850
EDKA_I_TWR Aachen Info 122.870
EDKB_I_TWR Bonn-Hangelar Info 135.150
EDKF_I_TWR Bergneustadt Info 123.650
EDKL_I_TWR Leverkusen Info 122.420
EDKM_I_TWR Meschede Info 122.050
EDLD_I_TWR Dinslaken Info 122.700
EDLE_I_TWR Essen/Mülheim Info 119.750
EDLI_I_TWR Bielefeld Info 118.350
EDLM_I_TWR Marl Info 122.000
EDLN_GND Mönchengladbach Ground 121.920
EDLN_TWR Mönchengladbach Tower 118.120
EDLO_I_TWR Oerlinghausen Info 122.170
EDLP_APP Langen Radar (PADL Paderborn Low) 125.220
EDLP_ATIS Paderborn ATIS 125.720
EDLP_GND Paderborn Ground 121.920
EDLP_TWR Paderborn Tower 133.370
EDLT_I_TWR Telgte Info 122.850
EDLV_ATIS Niederrhein ATIS 124.450
EDLV_TWR Niederrhein Tower 129.400
EDLW_ATIS Dortmund ATIS 125.120
EDLW_GND Dortmund Ground 121.820
EDLW_TWR Dortmund Tower 134.170
EDMA_ATIS Augsburg ATIS 124.570
EDMA_TWR Augsburg Tower 124.970
EDMB_I_TWR Biberach Info 122.750
EDME_ATIS Eggenfelden ATIS 125.070
EDME_I_TWR Eggenfelden Info 120.300
EDMJ_I_TWR Jesenwang Info 122.420
EDML_I_TWR Landshut Info 129.800
EDMM_A_CTR München Radar (ALB Allersberg) 129.100
EDMM_C_CTR München Radar (CHI Chiem) 133.670
EDMM_CTR München Radar (Complete) 124.050
EDMM_E_CTR München Radar (EGG Eggenfelden) 129.550
EDMM_F_CTR München Radar (FRKH Franken High) 124.820
EDMM_I_CTR München Information (FIS) 120.650
EDMM_K_CTR München Radar (KPT Kempten) 134.150
EDMM_N_CTR München Radar (NDG Nördlingen) 126.450
EDMM_R_CTR München Radar (RDG Roding) 132.550
EDMM_S_CTR München Radar (SASH Sachsen High) 131.020
EDMM_T_CTR München Radar (TRGH Thüringen High) 133.570
EDMO_TWR Oberpfaffenhofen Tower 119.550
EDMS_ATIS Straubing ATIS 135.520
EDMS_I_TWR Straubing Info 127.150
EDMT_I_TWR Tannheim Info 122.820
EDMV_I_TWR Vilshofen Info 119.170
EDNC_I_TWR Beilngries Info 118.350
EDNL_I_TWR Leutkirch Info 122.870
EDNX_I_TWR Schleissheim Info 129.400
EDNY_ATIS Friedrichshafen ATIS 129.600
EDNY_TWR Friedrichshafen Tower 120.070
EDOP_TWR Parchim Tower 128.900
EDPA_I_TWR Aalen Info 121.400
EDPH_I_TWR Schwabach Info 135.420
EDPQ_I_TWR Schmidgaden Info 123.000
EDPU_I_TWR Bartholomä Segelflug 122.200
EDPY_I_TWR Ellwangen Info 122.000
EDQC_ATIS Coburg ATIS 120.100
EDQC_I_TWR Coburg Info 128.670
EDQD_I_TWR Bayreuth Info 127.520
EDQE_I_TWR Feuerstein Info 130.770
EDQH_I_TWR Herzogenaurach Info 122.850
EDQK_I_TWR Kulmbach Info 118.520
EDQM_TWR Hof Tower 124.350
EDQN_I_TWR Neustadt/Aisch Info 118.920
EDQP_I_TWR Rosenthal Info 127.450
EDQT_I_TWR Hassfurt Info 119.800
EDQW_I_TWR Weiden Info 120.250
EDQY_I_TWR Steinrücken Info 129.800
EDRA_I_TWR Neuenahr Info 122.350
EDRF_I_TWR Dürkheim Info 122.400
EDRJ_I_TWR Saarlouis Info 122.600
EDRK_I_TWR Koblenz Info 122.650
EDRM_I_TWR Traben-Trarbach Info 123.000
EDRY_I_TWR Speyer Info 118.070
EDRZ_TWR Zweibrücken Tower (Info when CTR not active) 123.820
EDSB_ATIS Baden ATIS 121.270
EDSB_GND Baden Ground 121.820
EDSB_TWR Baden Tower 134.100
EDSH_I_TWR Backnang Info 126.500
EDTC_I_TWR Bruchsal Info 128.370
EDTD_I_TWR Donaueschingen Info 124.250
EDTF_I_TWR Freiburg Info 118.250
EDTH_I_TWR Heubach Info 123.020
EDTL_TWR Lahr Tower (Info when CTR not active) 125.170
EDTM_I_TWR Mengen Info 135.170
EDTO_I_TWR Offenburg Info 119.750
EDTQ_I_TWR Pattonville Info 123.650
EDTS_I_TWR Schwenningen Info 122.850
EDTU_I_TWR Saulgau Info 123.600
EDTW_I_TWR Winzeln Info 123.650
EDTY_ATIS Schwäbisch Hall ATIS 133.870
EDTY_I_TWR Schwäbisch Hall Info 129.220
EDTZ_I_TWR Konstanz Info 124.350
EDUB_I_TWR Briest Info 130.120
EDUU_CTR Rhein Radar (Complete) 132.320
EDUU_D_CTR Rhein Radar (DON Donau) 132.720
EDUU_E_CTR Rhein Radar (East) 128.070
EDUU_L_CTR Rhein Radar (ALP Alpen) 127.300
EDUU_N_CTR Rhein Radar (NTM Nattenheim) 132.770
EDUU_S_CTR Rhein Radar (South) 128.970
EDUU_T_CTR Rhein Radar (TGO Tango) 132.400
EDUU_W_CTR Rhein Radar (West) 133.650
EDUW_I_TWR Tutow Info 130.120
EDVC_I_TWR Arloh Info (Celle) 123.650
EDVE_ATIS Braunschweig ATIS 134.450
EDVE_TWR Braunschweig Tower 120.050
EDVI_I_TWR Höxter Info 130.270
EDVK_ATIS Kassel ATIS 129.200
EDVK_GND Kassel Ground 121.900
EDVK_TWR Kassel Tower 118.100
EDVY_I_TWR Porta Westfalica Info 122.370
EDWB_I_TWR Bremerhaven Info 129.050
EDWE_I_TWR Emden Info 118.600
EDWG_I_TWR Wooge Info 122.400
EDWI_ATIS Wilhelmshaven ATIS 124.320
EDWI_I_TWR Wilhelmshaven Info 129.250
EDWJ_I_TWR Juist Info 120.500
EDWL_I_TWR Langeoog Info 122.020
EDWN_I_TWR Nordhorn Info 122.650
EDWR_I_TWR Borkum Info 123.000
EDWS_I_TWR Norddeich Info 120.500
EDWW_A_CTR Bremen Radar (ALEH Aller East High) 123.920
EDWW_B_CTR Bremen Radar (BOR Börde) 123.220
EDWW_CTR Bremen Radar (Complete) 125.020
EDWW_D_CTR Bremen Radar (DST Deister) 128.750
EDWW_E_CTR Bremen Radar (EID Eider) 120.220
EDWW_I_CTR Bremen Information (FIS) 119.820
EDWW_M_CTR Bremen Radar (MRZ Müritz) 124.170
EDWY_I_TWR Norderney Info 122.600
EDXF_I_TWR Flensburg Info 122.850
EDXH_I_TWR Helgoland Info 122.450
EDXO_I_TWR St. Peter Info 129.770
EDXP_I_TWR Harle Info 122.400
EDXW_ATIS Sylt ATIS 118.420
EDXW_TWR Sylt Tower 119.750
EDYY_C_CTR Maastricht Radar (CE Celle) 133.950
EDYY_H_CTR Maastricht Radar (HO Holstein) 120.950
EDYY_J_CTR Maastricht Radar (JE Jever) 134.700
EDYY_M_CTR Maastricht Radar (MN Münster) 133.850
EDYY_O_CTR Maastricht Radar (Olno - high traffic loads) 132.850
EDYY_R_CTR Maastricht Radar (RH Ruhr) 132.620
EDYY_S_CTR Maastricht Radar (SO Solling) 131.370
ETAR_GND Ramstein Ground 121.770
ETAR_TWR Ramstein Tower 123.550
ETHN_APP Stetten Radar 123.300
ETHN_I_TWR Stetten Info (when CTR is not active) 119.770
ETHN_TWR Stetten Tower 122.100
ETHR_TWR Roth Tower 122.100
ETIC_TWR Grafenwöhr Tower 122.100
ETNG_APP Frisbee Radar (Geilenkirchen Arrival) 123.720
ETNG_TWR Frisbee Tower 120.050
ETNH_APP Hohn Radar 123.300
ETNH_F_APP Hohn Precision 125.600
ETNH_TWR Hohn Tower 122.100
ETNL_APP Laage Radar 133.620
ETNL_TWR Laage Tower 118.420
ETNN_APP Noervenich Radar 123.300
ETNN_TWR Noervenich Tower 122.100
ETNT_APP Wittmund Radar 123.600
ETNT_TWR Wittmund Tower 118.720
ETNW_TWR Wunstorf Tower 118.050
ETSA_APP Landsberg Radar 130.500
ETSA_TWR Landsberg Tower 122.100
ETSI_APP Ingo Radar 120.600
ETSI_TWR Ingo Tower 125.250

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Country Airports

ICAO IATA Name Major
EDDV HAJ Hannover
EDDH HAM Hamburg

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Upcoming Events

Start Title
2017-08-24 18:00:00 UTC Hamburg Thursday
2017-08-31 18:00:00 UTC Hamburg Thursday
2017-09-07 18:00:00 UTC Hamburg Thursday

Previous Events

Start Title
2014-10-28 19:00:00 UTC Crossing Tuesday
2013-11-30 18:00:00 UTC Tempelhof Revival 2013
2013-12-01 17:00:00 UTC Christkindlesmarkt Fly-In at Nuremberg
2014-11-04 19:00:00 UTC Crossing Tuesday
2013-12-15 19:00:00 UTC W14 Chrismas FlyIn
2013-12-10 19:00:00 UTC Crossing Tuesday
2013-12-17 19:00:00 UTC Crossing Tuesday
2013-12-24 19:00:00 UTC Crossing Tuesday
2013-12-31 19:00:00 UTC Crossing Tuesday
2014-01-07 19:00:00 UTC Crossing Tuesday

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