Italy (vACC Italy)


The Virtual Flight Assistance Organization is the Italian emanation of VATSIM, which takes care of the worldwide organization for the assistance and realtime virtual flight control operating on the Internet. This is made possible thanks to two combined free softwares: SquawkBox for pilots, and ASRC for ATCs. An online worldwide server network assures the covering of the whole world to the virtual pilots (mainly using MS FlightSimulator, but also with other simulators). The precise compliance to the protocols, operating rules and norms of the real world assures an absolute sense of realism to the world of the simulated flight. VATITA - VACC Italy organizes, directs and trains many simulated flight and ATC enthusiasts, with constant and complete relationship with worldwide organization VATSIM. VATITA aims to cooperate with all those individuals or organizations interested in a serious development of the simulated flight in Italy and Europe.

vACC Staff

Callsign Position Name
ACCIT1 Director Claudio Piccirilli
ACCIT2 ATC Training Director Jamie Luca Dobinson
ACCIT12 Deputy ATC Training Director Giorgio Tresoldi
ACCIT3 Pilot Training Director Giovanni Granatiero
ACCIT13 Deputy Pilot Training Director Martin Montoya
ACCIT4 Development coordinator VACANT
ACCIT5 Event Coordinator Fabrizio Pascucci
ACCIT6 Public Relations Alessandro Buscaglione
ACCIT7 Membership Coordinator Giorgio Tresoldi
ACCIT8 VAs relationships Coordinator Giovanni Granatiero

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Approved ATC frequencies

Callsign Position Name Frequency
LIAP_I_TWR L'Aquila Aerodrome INFO 122.500
LIBA_APP Amendola Approach 118.850
LIBA_TWR Amendola Tower 118.200
LIBB_I_CTR Brindisi Information 125.100
LIBB_N_CTR Brindisi Radar (main frequency) 132.450
LIBB_S_CTR Brindisi Radar 132.070
LIBC_I_APP Crotone Aerodrome INFO 119.100
LIBD_APP Bari Approach 119.500
LIBD_ATIS Bari ATIS 124.050
LIBD_TWR Bari / Palese Macchie Tower 118.300
LIBF_I_TWR Foggia Aerodrome Info 120.100
LIBG_APP Grottaglie Approach 118.700
LIBG_TWR Grottaglie Tower 128.100
LIBN_APP Lecce Approach 118.950
LIBN_TWR Lecce Tower 119.550
LIBP_APP Pescara Approach 120.050
LIBP_TWR Pescara Tower 118.450
LIBR_APP Brindisi Approach 121.000
LIBR_TWR Brindisi Casale Tower 118.100
LICA_APP Lamezia Approach 118.800
LICA_TWR Lamezia Tower 122.100
LICB_TWR Comiso Tower 125.275
LICC_APP Catania Approach 119.250
LICC_ATIS Catania ATIS 127.670
LICC_F_APP Catania Director 120.800
LICC_GND Catania Ground 119.720
LICC_TWR Catania / Fontanarrosa Tower 118.700
LICD_I_TWR Lampedusa Aerodrom INFO 123.500
LICG_APP Pantelleria Approach 119.350
LICG_TWR Pantelleria Tower 118.450
LICJ_APP Palermo Approach 120.200
LICJ_ATIS Palermo ATIS 123.875
LICJ_GND Punta Raisi Ground 121.620
LICJ_TWR Palermo / Punta Raisi Tower 119.050
LICP_I_TWR Boccadifalco Aerodrome INFO 122.600
LICR_APP Reggio C Approach 120.575
LICR_TWR Reggio Calabria Tower 118.250
LICT_APP Trapani Approach 119.950
LICT_TWR Trapani Tower 119.700
LICZ_GND Sigonella Grounf 121.950
LICZ_TWR Sigonella Tower 118.050
LIDA_I_TWR Asiago Aerodrome INFO 122.600
LIDB_I_TWR Belluno Aerodrome INFO 119.650
LIDE_I_TWR Reggio Emilia Aerodrome INFO 127.150
LIDR_I_TWR Ravenna Aerodrome INFO 123.500
LIDT_I_TWR Trento Aerodrome INFO 122.650
LIEA_APP Alghero Approach 128.550
LIEA_ATIS Alghero ATIS 125.020
LIEA_TWR Alghero / Fertilia Tower 118.850
LIED_TWR Decimomannu Tower 122.100
LIEE_APP Cagliari Elmas Approach 118.750
LIEE_ATIS Cagliari Elmas ATIS 127.050
LIEE_GND Elmas Ground 125.425
LIEE_TWR Cagliari Elmas Tower 122.100
LIEO_APP Costa Smeralda Approach 125.950
LIEO_ATIS Olbia ATIS 125.070
LIEO_GND Olbia Ground 121.950
LIEO_TWR Costa Smeralda Tower 118.975
LIER_I_TWR Oristano Aerodrome INFO 122.600
LIET_I_TWR Tortolì Aerodrome INFO 119.650
LILE_I_TWR Biella Aerodrome INFO 123.050
LIMA_I_TWR Aeritalia Aerodromew INFO 119.800
LIMB_I_TWR Bresso Aerodrome INFO 122.000
LIMC_ATIS Malpensa ATIS 121.620
LIMC_DEL Malpensa Delivery 120.900
LIMC_F_APP Milan Director 132.700
LIMC_N_GND Malpensa Ground North 121.820
LIMC_TWR Milan Malpensa Tower (main frequency) 119.000
LIMC_W_GND Malpensa Ground West (high traffic loads) 121.900
LIMC_W_TWR Milan Malpensa 2nd Tower (high traffic loads) 128.350
LIME_ATIS Bergamo / Orio al Serio ATIS 127.950
LIME_GND Orio Al Serio Ground 120.500
LIME_TWR Orio Al Serio Tower 125.870
LIMF_APP Turin Caselle Approach 129.270
LIMF_ATIS Torino ATIS 120.470
LIMF_GND Caselle Ground 121.700
LIMF_TWR Turin Caselle Tower 118.500
LIMG_I_TWR Albenga Aerodrome INFO 123.850
LIMJ_APP Genoa Sestri Approach 119.600
LIMJ_ATIS Genua ATIS 122.820
LIMJ_TWR Genoa Sestri Tower 118.600
LIML_ATIS Linate ATIS 136.375
LIML_DEL Linate Planning 119.250
LIML_GND Milan Linate Ground 121.800
LIML_TWR Milan Linate Tower 118.100
LIMM_D_APP Milano Radar 126.300
LIMM_E_APP Milano Radar 133.170
LIMM_I_APP Milano Information 124.920
LIMM_M_CTR Milano Military 129.820
LIMM_N_APP Milano Radar (main frequency) 126.750
LIMM_N_CTR Milano Radar (main frequency) 127.450
LIMM_S_CTR Milano Radar 130.720
LIMM_W_APP Milano Radar 125.620
LIMP_APP Parma Approach 125.575
LIMP_TWR Parma Tower 118.450
LIMS_APP Piacenza Approach 123.300
LIMS_TWR Piacenza Tower 134.250
LIMW_I_TWR Aosta Aerodrome INFO 119.950
LIMZ_TWR Cuneo Tower 119.550
LIPA_APP Aviano Approach 129.300
LIPA_GND Aviano Ground 122.100
LIPA_TWR Aviano Tower 134.100
LIPB_I_TWR Bolzano Aerodrome INFO 120.600
LIPE_APP Bologna Approach 118.150
LIPE_ATIS Bolgnna ATIS 134.870
LIPE_GND Borgo Panigale Ground 121.920
LIPE_TWR Bologna Borgo Panigale Tower 120.800
LIPH_TWR Treviso Tower 118.700
LIPO_TWR Montichiari Tower 119.400
LIPP_APP Padua Radar 133.700
LIPP_I_APP Padua Information 135.000
LIPP_M_CTR Padua Military 134.750
LIPP_N_CTR Padua Radar (main frequency) 125.470
LIPP_S_CTR Padua Radar 120.720
LIPQ_APP Trieste Ronchi De Legionari Approach 119.175
LIPQ_TWR Trieste Ronchi De Legionari Tower 130.200
LIPR_GND Rimini Ground 121.600
LIPR_TWR Rimini Tower 119.100
LIPS_APP Treviso Approach 120.400
LIPU_I_TWR Padova Aerodrome INFO 123.250
LIPV_I_TWR Lido Aerdrome INFO 118.520
LIPX_APP Garda Approach 118.550
LIPX_GND Villafranca Ground 121.750
LIPX_TWR Verona Villafranca Tower 118.650
LIPY_APP Ancona Approach 125.320
LIPY_ATIS Ancona ATIS 122.850
LIPY_TWR Falconara Tower 119.800
LIPZ_APP Venice Tessera Approach 118.900
LIPZ_ATIS Venice ATIS 128.650
LIPZ_GND Tessera Ground 121.700
LIPZ_TWR Venice Tessera Tower 120.200
LIQL_I_TWR Lucca Aerodrome INFO 122.500
LIQN_I_TWR Rieti Aerodrome INFO 123.050
LIQS_I_TWR Siena Aerodrome INFO 122.600
LIQW_TWR Sarzana Tower 119.650
LIRA_DEL Ciampino Delivery 130.900
LIRA_GND Roma Ciampino Ground 121.750
LIRA_TWR Ciampino Tower 120.500
LIRE_GND Pratica di Mare Ground 121.600
LIRE_TWR Pratica di Mare Tower 118.050
LIRF_A_GND Roma Fiumicino Apron 122.120
LIRF_ATIS Rome ATIS 120.170
LIRF_DEL Roma Fiumicino Delevery 121.800
LIRF_E_TWR Fiume Tower 127.625
LIRF_F_APP Roma Fiumicino Director 119.200
LIRF_GND Roma Fiumicino Ground 121.900
LIRF_TWR Roma Fiumicino Tower 118.700
LIRG_TWR Guidonia Tower 122.200
LIRH_TWR Frosinone Tower 122.100
LIRI_I_TWR Salerno Aerodrome INFO 119.170
LIRJ_I_TWR Marino di Campo Aerodrome INFO 123.700
LIRL_APP Latina Approach 126.550
LIRL_TWR Latina Tower 119.150
LIRM_TWR Grazzanise Tower 118.020
LIRN_APP Napoli Approach 124.350
LIRN_ATIS Naples ATIS 135.970
LIRN_F_APP Napoli Director 120.950
LIRN_GND Capodichino Ground 121.900
LIRN_TWR Naples / Napoli ( Capodichino) Tower 118.500
LIRP_APP San Giusto Approach (main frequency) 124.270
LIRP_E_APP San Giusto 2nd Approach (high traffic loads) 126.070
LIRP_GND San Giusto Ground 120.070
LIRP_TWR San Giusto Tower 119.100
LIRQ_APP Florence Approach 125.820
LIRQ_ATIS Florence ATIS 129.350
LIRQ_TWR Firenze Peretola Tower 118.300
LIRR_I_CTR Roma Information 134.200
LIRR_L_APP Fiumicino Director 119.200
LIRR_M_CTR Roma Miliary 123.220
LIRR_N_APP Roma Approach 125.500
LIRR_N_CTR Roma Radar (main frequency) 124.200
LIRR_S_APP Roma Departurture 130.900
LIRR_S_CTR Rome Radar 128.800
LIRS_APP Grosseto Approach 124.520
LIRS_TWR Grosseto Tower 128.100
LIRU_GND Urbe Ground 122.700
LIRU_TWR Urbe Tower 123.800
LIRV_TWR Viterbo Tower 127.150
LIRZ_APP Perugia Approach 125.600
LIRZ_TWR Perugia Tower 118.100
LIUP_CTR Italy Radar (LIMM Lirr LIBB above FL195) 132.900

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Country Airports

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Upcoming Events

Start Title
2017-08-23 19:00:00 UTC ROME ONLINE DAY
2017-08-30 19:00:00 UTC ROME ONLINE DAY
2017-09-06 19:00:00 UTC ROME ONLINE DAY

Previous Events

Start Title
2015-01-23 20:00:00 UTC City-Pair Paris Milan
2015-02-27 20:00:00 UTC City Pair TOULOUSE-GENOA
2015-03-06 20:00:00 UTC Bari - Mykonos City Bridge
2015-03-27 20:00:00 UTC Citypair Ajaccio - Napoli
2015-03-15 17:00:00 UTC ROME MEETS SKOPJE
2016-11-08 20:00:00 UTC Exam S3 APP
2015-04-13 19:00:00 UTC Palermo - Heraklion City Bridge
2015-05-22 19:00:00 UTC City Pair France / Italy
2015-05-26 19:00:00 UTC Athens - Rome City Bridge
2015-06-18 18:00:00 UTC LIPZ-LKPR: Bridge between Venice and "Prague Venice"

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