Sweden (VATSIM Scandinavia)


VATSIM Scandinavia (vACCSCA) is part of the VATSIM Organisation, and falls under the VATEUD Division. VACCSCA is responsible for the airspace within Denmark/EKDK, Faroe Islands/EKVG, Finland/EFIN, Greenland/BGGL, Iceland/BIRD, Norway/ENOR and Sweden/ESAA FIRs, as well as Iceland/BICC and Bodø/ENOB Oceanic FIRs. A number of services are offered to assist pilots, such as training documents, airport information and links to charts. We also have an extensive ATC section, including training, manuals, booking system and various downloads. Our goal is to always provide high quality ATC to everyone inside our airspace, and we're always striving to be amongs the best! Information on individual SCA Countries can be selected from the VATEUD Countries menu.

vACC Staff

Callsign Position Name
ACCSCA1 Director Julius Mannermaa
ACCSCA2 Training Director Kristian Kling
ACCSCA3 Director of Copenhagen FIR Mikkel Lindgren
ACCSCA4 Director of Norway FIR Daniel Klepp
ACCSCA5 Director of Sweden FIR Martin Loxbo
ACCSCA6 Director of Finland FIR Jouka Ahponen
ACCSCA7 Director of Iceland FIR Miska Jokinen
ACCSCA11 Web Services Director Peter Persson
ACCSCA12 Assistant Webmaster Mathias Johnsen
ACCSCA13 Web Development Engineer VACANT
ACCSCA14 Pilot Coordinator VACANT
ACCSCA15 Event Coordinator Martin Tornberg
ACCSCA20 Assistant Event Coordinator VACANT
ACCSCA21 Training assistant Sweden Oskar Sunnanhagen
ACCSCA22 Training assistant Denmark VACANT
ACCSCA23 Training assistant Norway HÃ¥Vard Halvorsen
ACCSCA24 Training assistant Finland Joonatan Porkkala
ACCSCA25 Training assistant Iceland VACANT
ACCSCA26 Deputy Training Assistant Norway Mathias Johnsen
ACCSCA27 Deputy Training Assistant Sweden Martin Stockzell

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Approved ATC frequencies

Callsign Position Name Frequency
ESCF_TWR Malmen Tower 129.800
ESCM_TWR Uppsala Tower 119.200
ESCR_CTR Fighter Control 126.950
ESDF_APP Ronneby Control 128.450
ESDF_TWR Ronneby Tower 119.200
ESFR_APP Råda Control 133.500
ESFR_TWR Råda Tower 136.020
ESGG_APP Göteborg Control 124.670
ESGG_ATIS Landvetter ATIS 118.370
ESGG_DEL Landvetter Clearance Delivery 121.670
ESGG_F_APP Göteborg Arrival 120.120
ESGG_GND Landvetter Ground 121.900
ESGG_TWR Landvetter Tower 118.600
ESGG_W_APP Göteborg Control (Sector W) 124.200
ESGJ_TWR Jönköping Tower 118.250
ESGK_I_TWR Falköping Information 122.800
ESGP_TWR Säve Tower 119.050
ESGR_I_TWR Skövde Information 122.320
ESGT_TWR Trollhättan Tower 122.720
ESIA_APP Karlsborg Control 132.050
ESIA_TWR Karlsborg Tower 133.000
ESIB_APP Såtenäs Control 134.550
ESIB_TWR Såtenäs Tower 128.200
ESKM_I_TWR Mora Information 129.850
ESKN_ATIS Skavsta ATIS 126.270
ESKN_TWR Skavsta Tower 127.700
ESMK_TWR Kristianstad Tower 129.350
ESMM_2_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM sector 2) 127.750
ESMM_3_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM sector 3) 128.050
ESMM_5_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM sector 5, main frequency) 128.620
ESMM_6_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM sector 6) 135.800
ESMM_7_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM sector 7) 124.150
ESMM_8_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM sector 8) 128.170
ESMM_K_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM sector K) 124.850
ESMM_W_CTR Sweden Control (ESMM W sector) 133.250
ESMQ_TWR Kalmar Tower 130.800
ESMS_APP Sweden Control 134.970
ESMS_ATIS Malmö ATIS 129.270
ESMS_GND Sturup Ground 121.700
ESMS_TWR Sturup Tower 118.800
ESMT_TWR Halmstad Tower 130.100
ESMV_APP Hagshult Control 121.150
ESMV_TWR Hagshult Tower 136.250
ESMX_TWR Kronoberg Tower 118.150
ESND_I_TWR Sveg Information 122.200
ESNG_I_TWR Gällivare Information 122.100
ESNJ_APP Jokkmokk Control 124.850
ESNJ_TWR Jokkmokk Tower 133.000
ESNK_I_TWR Kramfors Information 122.150
ESNL_I_TWR Lycksele Information 122.220
ESNN_ATIS Sundsvall ATIS 127.400
ESNN_TWR Sundsvall Tower 129.550
ESNO_TWR Övik Tower 122.250
ESNQ_TWR Kiruna Tower 130.150
ESNS_TWR Skellefteå Tower 122.050
ESNU_TWR Umeå Tower 119.800
ESNV_I_TWR Vilhelmina Information 122.550
ESNX_TWR Arvidsjaur Tower 122.720
ESNZ_TWR Östersund Tower 135.650
ESOE_TWR Örebro Tower 120.270
ESOH_I_TWR Hagfors Information 122.220
ESOK_TWR Karlstad Tower 119.450
ESOS_1_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector 1, main frequency) 118.400
ESOS_2_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector 2) 133.700
ESOS_3_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector 3) 131.120
ESOS_6_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector 6) 132.470
ESOS_7_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector 7) 118.270
ESOS_8_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector 8) 129.170
ESOS_F_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS Sector F) 124.420
ESOS_K_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector K) 131.050
ESOS_N_CTR Sweden Control (ESOS sector N) 132.150
ESOW_APP Västerås Control 125.950
ESOW_ATIS Västerås ATIS 127.550
ESOW_TWR Västerås Tower 130.600
ESPA_APP Kallax Control 125.450
ESPA_TWR Kallax Tower 128.200
ESPE_TWR Vidsel Tower 130.400
ESSA_APP Stockholm Control (main frequency) 126.650
ESSA_ATIS Arlanda ATIS 119.000
ESSA_DEL Arlanda Delivery (high traffic loads) 121.820
ESSA_E_DEP Stockholm Departure (East) 130.320
ESSA_E_GND Arlanda Ground East (high traffic loads) 121.970
ESSA_E_TWR Arlanda Tower (RWY 08/26) 128.720
ESSA_F_APP Stockholm Arrival 120.500
ESSA_GND Arlanda Ground (main frequency) 121.700
ESSA_N_GND Arlanda Ground North (high traffic loads) 121.920
ESSA_S_TWR Arlanda Tower (RWY 01R/19L) 125.120
ESSA_TWR Arlanda Tower 118.500
ESSA_W_APP Stockholm Control (sector W) 123.750
ESSA_W_DEP Stockholm Departure (West) 124.100
ESSB_APP Stockholm Control (sector S) 120.150
ESSB_ATIS Bromma ATIS 122.450
ESSB_GND Bromma Ground 121.600
ESSB_TWR Bromma Tower 118.100
ESSD_TWR Borlänge Tower 127.300
ESSK_I_TWR Gävle Information 122.350
ESSL_TWR Saab Tower 118.800
ESSP_APP Östgöta Control 132.950
ESSP_TWR Kungsängen Tower 120.350
ESST_I_TWR Torsby Information 122.050
ESSU_I_TWR Eskilstuna Information 126.850
ESSV_APP Visby Control 126.150
ESSV_TWR Visby Tower 120.300
ESTA_APP Ängelholm Control 132.450
ESTA_TWR Ängelholm Tower 127.100
ESTL_ATIS Ljungbyhed ATIS 132.750
ESTL_TWR Ljungbyhed Tower 130.700
ESUD_I_TWR Storuman Information 133.800
ESUP_TWR Pajala Tower 118.370
ESUT_I_TWR Hemavan Information 122.970

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Country Airports

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Upcoming Events

Start Title
2017-09-16 06:00:00 UTC Copenhagen Live 2017
2017-09-14 17:00:00 UTC S2 CPT EFHK_TWR
2017-09-28 17:00:00 UTC EFES C1 CPT

Previous Events

Start Title
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2013-11-19 19:00:00 UTC Longitudinal Tuesday
2013-11-26 19:00:00 UTC Longitudinal Tuesday
2014-10-04 13:00:00 UTC Helsinki Realtime
2014-10-09 17:00:00 UTC Finland C1 CPT
2014-03-13 18:00:00 UTC EFHK_APP Student 3 CPT
2014-10-19 16:00:00 UTC Southern Sweden Fly-In
2014-04-06 16:00:00 UTC Iceland Oceanic Shuttle feat. BIKF, ENBR and EGPH
2014-04-24 17:00:00 UTC City hopping over THE GULF OF FINLAND
2014-10-19 17:00:00 UTC ENOS C1 CPT

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