Lots of changes coming up

January 28, 2015 20:35

As many organizations in the VATSIM theatre, the Europe Division of VATSIM is an old construction. Indeed, we haven't seen bigger changes in its structure for the last five years at least. Sure, we saw staff members coming and leaving, but our structural system is nearly the one we have started with on its birth. But from that inaugural point, maybe planned for a few hundred members if we are reflecting our history of now more than ten years. Just one example: the numbers of our members have been blown up since then.

And now we are changing a lot.

Expect a completely new setup in VATEUD. New tasks, new teams, new names and lots of work for us all. And you will be called to join in and participate.

So, stay tuned and monitor especially the forums.vatsim.net / Europe.


Florian Harms