Lots of changes in VATEUD Division

February 25, 2015 21:08
Lots of changes have been established on VATEUD.
First of all, give Belisar Hoxholli heartly welcome. He has taken over the Pilots team of VATEUD (former Director Pilots Training). A huge task is coming up for him and his team. Belisar, thanks for joining.

Its a pleasure that Laurent Laborde is again Membership Manager of VATEUD. Laurent, welcome back.

Daniel Conrad has taken the task of being the New Members Manager, giving support to the incoming pilots and ATC's. Daniel: Thank you very much.

Last, but not least, I am more than happy to say hello to my new Deputy. Andreas Dermitzakis has taken the task to work as Deputy Director of VATEUD. Andreas, thank you and congratulations.

Now: VATEUD is facing a complete change in its setup. Last week we have informed your local directors about the changes. Please have a look on the Staff page to find now the new contact addresses.

All the best

Florian Harms