VATEUD Open Source Applications

February 08, 2014 00:00
Over the period of the next few days I'll be open-sourcing most of my EUD web apps: the ones that can be of any relevance and value to the community. That serves several purposes:

  • It allows interested developers to contribute to the projects in the future without any formalities, bureaucracy overhead or staff affiliation requirements. This process ultimately ensures better code quality and stronger security.
  • It allows other interested parties within VATSIM: divisions, subdivisions, etc. to make use of the codebase: either by using it as starting point, or directly, or just for inspiration and research. This might be helpful, especially for small teams that don't have the resources to run dedicated custom development.
  • It provides a healthier succession strategy, by not allowing an entire division to be held hostage by a single person's activity or lack thereof and it helps create a nice layer of abstraction between administrative work (staff positions) and creative work (development). Hopefully for the benefit of both aspects.
Starting with the VATEUD API, which will be followed in the following days by the PTD and Tasks apps, the new EUD website and probably several event and vACC sites.

Svilen Vassilev