Examiner Requirements


A local examiner is someone who is recommended by a vACC to conduct practical assessments on behalf of the recommending vACC up to the level specified on the VATEUD website.

A divisional examiner is someone who is authorized by VATEUD to conduct practical assessments anywhere within the division (i.e. not limited to a vACC). This may be in vACCs where local examiners are not in abundance or where a third party is requested to avoid bias. Divisional Examiners can normally conduct practical assessments up to CTR+. Examination criteria are specified in the Global Rating Policy.

Minimum requirements

  1. Should have excellent knowledge of VATSIM, VATEUR and VATEUD Rules and Regulations
  2. Should have excellent knowledge of ATC matters and related topics
  3. Should have good pedagogic skills
  4. Very good knowledge of aviation and aircraft performance
  5. Should have a good command of the English language
  6. Should be in good-standing with VATSIM
  7. Should hold a minimum of Controller rating
  8. Should be nominated by the Director and the Training Director of the vACC
  9. Should be approved by the VATEUD Training Director


  1. To execute CPT within VATEUD countries nominated by Chief Examiner
  2. To Cooperate with both Chief examiner and Chief control pilot during CPT
  3. To Study the CPT scenario given by Chief examiner and make necessary preparations accordingly
  4. Prepare the CPT reports and submit it to the Chief examiner within 48 hours after the completion of CPT
  5. File the recommendation for the successful examinee within 48 hours after the completion of CPT
  6. Execute at least 3 CPTs within a year

Termination of Examiner position

The Examiner position for any Examiner will be terminated if:

  1. He/she fails to cooperate with the Chief Examiner and Chief controllers or any other Training Department personnel
  2. He/she fails to execute a fair CPT
  3. He/she is found to be incapacitated to serve as an Examiner by VATEUD Training Director
  4. He/she fails to execute 3 CPTs in a year
  5. He/she commits him self to a situation which is regarded as bad attitude by VATSIM / VATEUR / VATEUD
  6. He/she resigns


  1. Any VATEUD member satisfying the above conditions is entitled to be nominated as an Examiner. However, VATEUD Training department reserves the right to deny any candidate in case the TD does not need more examiners.
  2. Non-vACC members satisfying the conditions can be directly appointed as an Examiner by the VATEUD Training Director.
  3. Due to the needs of some vACCs, there are some examiners with Controller rating only. These examiners can perform CPT up to Senior Student Level.