The VATEUD setup has changed the structure:

Each staff member is reachable by his/her first and last name and the e.g. you would like to reach Florian Harms on his personal email, it is florian.harms [at]

However, if you have requests according to the functions the members are standing for, please use these email addresses as listed below:

Department Name Position Contact DetailsCallsign 
(for online use only)
Lead Florian Harms Division Director director@vateud.netVATEUD1
Lead Andreas Dermitzakis Deputy Division Director deputy@vateud.netVATEUD2
LeadChristian NeumannAsssistant to the Division Leaddeputy@vateud.netVATEUD21
Lead (not vacant)Division Strategy Architect VATEUD10
Pilots Bill GeorgopoulosPilots Department Lead pilots@vateud.netVATEUD3
Pilots Samy J GrevePilots Department Deputy pilots@vateud.netVATEUD13
PilotsVACANTPilots School Scheduling Managerschool@vateud.netVATEUD18
PilotsVACANTPilots School Coordinatorschool@vateud.netVATEUD16
ATC Thorsten Raeth ATC Department Lead atc@vateud.netVATEUD4
ATCMorten JelleATC Department Deputyatc@vateud.netVATEUD14
ATC Academy Michal Majerczuk ATC Academy Manager academy@vateud.netATDEUD1
ATC Operations Miguel Frias ATC Operations Manager atcops@vateud.netVATEUD8
Communication  Florian Harms (acting)Communications Lead communications@vateud.netVATEUD5
Communications Christopher Bennett Communications Deputy communications@vateud.netVATEUD15
Communications  Lance SchraderNew Members Supportnewmembers@vateud.netVATEUD19
External Contacts Florian Harms (acting) External Contacts Manager
Events VACANT Events Manager events@vateud.netVATEUD17
MembersMiguel FriasMembership Managermembers@vateud.netVATEUD6
IT  Florian Harms (acting)Web Services Leadwebsupport@vateud.netVATEUD7
ITVACANTWeb Services
ATSIMFrank BitterlichATSimTest Technical
ATSIMSteven FauconnierATSimTest
DCRMFrans MulderDivision Conflict Resolution