When is the party?

Flying in the simulator mean that 21.000 airports are waiting for your visit.

However, not every field is granted with other pilots or Air Traffic Control. But you should find traffic in the areas that are facing late afternoon or evening hours. Then the local pilots are in the air.

Parallel to that, our events always invite the members to participate. And then we face high traffic... even sometimes higher than in real life. From the most famous events (e.g. Cross the Pond - a flight over the Atlantic) to the longest event (Worldflight - from Sydney around the globe in 45 legs; a whole week of flying) to the smaller ones, nearly every day you will find an event. To checkout the events you can find a bit of inspiration for your flights here.

Important for all events: prepare to have a bit of extra time (and fuel) planned in. High traffic situations are resulting in holdings and delays. And it would be nice to have a bit of knowledge about the flying circus. For new members without expierience (and training), a flyin can become a complex task. You need to:

  • know how to file a flight plan
  • be able to fly diverts, holdings and sometimes strange approaches
  • be able to read charts
  • find aeronautical charts for the adventure 
  • know, what SID and STAR mean, and you need to
  • be able to fly them.

But if you are starting up and want to "smell" the adventure, simply place your aircraft on the field and switch the radio to the local ATC frequency. Get a bit of the radio chatter.

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Content updated: 10. December 2019.