Welcome to VATSIM Europe Division

Dear VATSIM member or newcomer,

On behalf of the entire VATEUD community I would like to welcome you to the European Division of VATSIM, international online flying network. VATEUD one of the largest and most active areas within the VATSIM network. It covers the European continent excluding the United Kingdom area (in VATSIM known as VATUK) and the Russian speaking area (incorporated in VATRUS).

We have tried to compile all necessary information on this site for you as virtual Air Traffic Controller or as a computer-based flight simulator pilot whether you are new to VATSIM or a long-standing member of our organisation. And for those of you just searching for information about flying with a computer around the globe under the most realistic conditions: you are most welcome.

VATSIM is a network of computer based pilots and virtual air traffic controllers. You can connect your flight simulator to our virtual world, meaning you can enjoy busy virtual skies with thousands of others, as well as receiving high-quality air traffic control as you fly. The best thing of all is that VATSIM is completely and totally free for all.

The main purpose of VATEUD is:

  • to organise and coordinate all VATSIM pilots and virtual Air Traffic Control Centers within Europe.
  • to monitor and manage membership issues as well as ATC and Pilot Training across the area.
  • to ensure that the service provided across our Divisions is as seamless and consistent as possible.
  • to ensure our organisations and members provide you with all the necessary training you need.

You can learn to be both a competent Air Traffic Controller and a sophisticated pilot. VATEUD and its organisations offer both. We provide comprehensive pilot training for those who want to get more confident online, but also have a complex catalogue of training for our ATC.

VATEUD is a complex organisation encompassing more than thirty different countries. These are organised in local structures, called VACCs and partly in Virtual Airlines. Our biggest challenge is to manage a large group of volunteers with different skills, nationalities and motivation. With all members of VATEUD, we try to let them learn and above all enjoy this hobby together in one airspace. So, our members are as versatile as the areas they are coming from. 

This is what VATSIM is all about: to enjoy the adventure of flying or as a controller no matter where you are coming from. And furthermore: the highest goal is to have fun together. In this context, VATEUD defines as an entity that crosses borders and create one family of VATSIM members inside Europe.

I am proud to work with many unique teams and members of highly skilled and above all dedicated people in the VACCs and in the VATEUD managing staff. Flight Simulation and the online networks are mainly created and run by members in their spare time. As you already know, all VATSIM services are completely free. We are working as enthusiasts for enthusiasts in our free time to keep this network and the daily adventures alive. Therefore, I have to thank all sponsors who make this possible; either by donating in e.g. servers, hard- and software or by investing their time and skills to allow others to enjoy our hobby: virtual flying and controlling, as real as it gets. 

If you have any questions regarding VATEUD (which might be not answered by this site), please don't hesitate in dropping me a line via mail. 

Best regards,

Nick Marinov
VATSIM Europe Division Director

A VATSIM Europe Division service.
Content updated:  7. January 2021.