For those of you who are new to it

It is not man given to fly. But we can learn (and simulate it).

Flight Simulation is much more than just to install a simulator software and then expecting to "survive" the first flights. Well, flying is not that complicated... but landing is.

Learning to fly is a real task. Depending on your setup, a cockpit is a most complex setup of knobs and switches and not easy to orchestrate. It takes real pilots years of training to master such setup. And in Flight Simulation it is alike. Our ambition to move an aircraft thru all kind of weather and obstacles (like mountains, other aircrafts) is a real hobby for us. We learn to communicate, read (and understand) the charts for an airport, we learn to stear and do a proper approach. 

Even more complicated is to become an Air Traffic Controller. ATC is the organisation of flight movements in an area. As ATC you become responsible for the success of the flying aircrafts, helis and even blimps in your area. Therefore, the training to become a successful controller takes more time, is setup in different checkouts to find out that you are "fit" to man such a position. While flying is always possible, you need to have approvals reached to be a controller for an area.

So, as you see, we request alot from you, but no worries. To learn all this stuff, you have our setup, our communities. They offer the major load of trainings. And a mentor helping you with the steps might already wait for you...

Our task

Our main task and aim is bringing people together who are interested in Flight Simulation and Air Traffic Control. The goal is to present the adventure of aviation as close to the real-world counterpart as possible. However, real world procedures aren't the only measures.

No VATEUD or VATSIM member needs to be a professional pilot or a real Air Traffic Controller. Our VATSIM network was created as a learning environment for everyone interested in Flight Simulation and Air Traffic Control. It is the task of all members and institutions to make this possible. 

None of the VATEUD members shall expect to learn what is needed to become a real-world pilot or Air Traffic Controller by this network solely. VATSIM is not created as, nor aims to be, a training camp for real world air traffic procedures. Though we are narrowing to the real aviation world in many items and procedures, we are neither a direct part of it, nor following the real-world setup. Those of us aiming to fly a real aircraft or to do real world ATC might get first impressions here, but VATSIM and all its tools and documents are not made for real world aviation at all.

A VATSIM Europe Division service.
Content updated: 25. February 2019.