Communities in VATEUD

It is all about communities

VATEUD is a community. Flight Simulation and ATC need just one gift: to learn, to share and to work together. Community is more important than any hobby or ambition.

The communities of VATEUD spread over all parts of Southern-, Northern, Central- and Eastern Europe. More than thirty communities cover our airspace from Scandinavia down to Turkey, from Finnland to Portugal. Each area has an own community talking in the native language of that area. The communities are either based on language or local areas. They are called VACCs in Europe, Virtual Air Traffic Control Centers. Although the name is a bit strange, they are communities. Also the Virtual Airlines are communities where hobby pilots can follow their dreams more realistic.

Why this is a community thing you might ask? Because there is lots to learn before landing a Boeing or Airbus perfectly. Flying is not learned by simply installing the software. And even more: Air Traffic Control needs even more time and passion to reach the level of e.g. being a Center Controller in Europes hot spot areas.

So, there is lots to do for you. And we really urge you to become a member of your local community. Sharing a hobby makes the fun and adventure even greater. And no worries: our communities will help you to start up.

A VATSIM Europe Division service.
Content updated: 19. April 2020.