The native organisations

Our local organisations are covering your local community.

If you are searching for a couple of local contacts inside our hobby, a VACC is the area to be. By being member of VATEUD, VACCs are open for you. In these communities you are able to share your hobby, learn interesting stuff, and get any training you require.

These local communities are created and run by enthusiasts. Their sizes can vary a lot: there are huge areas just as there are tiny ones, but  they all share the same hobby.

Choosing which VACC you want to join is something up to you, but it's usual to get into the one where members talk your native language. Simply try and find out for yourself in which one you'll fit better.

Hint: For the training to become Air Traffic Controller in Europe, you need to be member of a VACC. They provide the service such as mentoring and so on, but they're not limited to ATC. All of them are also open for being the home of pilots.

A VATSIM Europe Division service.
Content updated: 19. April 2020.