Becoming an ATC

Flying on VATSIM is real fun, but it gets more interesting when you know what's going on behind the scopes. If you have ever thought of becoming an online controller, then you must know that your local community is waiting for you.

The first people to contact for advice on ATC Training are your local community (VACC) ATC Training Department. They are the ones who will prepare you to control on the network and will ensure that you easily pass the exams, and they'll tell you what to do in order to get assigned to a VACC so you can start your training as quickly and effectively as possible. CLICK HERE to view all available VACCs.

Once you have been assigned to your desired community and both you and the local Training Department agree on starting your training,you can begin your preparation for the first lessons or training sessions. All information about the training procedure will be given to you by the local ATC Training Department. In most vACCs the necessary information are available on the vACC homepage or in its online forum.

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Content updated: 14. November 2019.