Get started with vPilot

vPilot is the most used pilot client on the VATSIM Network and also one of the easiest clients. You can download vPilot clicking here.


Once you have downloaded and installed vPilot - you will need to setup the client - go to settings.
Note: This is only going through the important steps!

Insert you VATSIM CID and password. Remember also to insert your full name. If you want to, you can insert your nearest real life airport ICAO, into Your Home Airport.
Choose the VATSIM Server, that is closest to you. Eg. if you live in Germany, you shall try out Germany server.

In here, make sure your audio settings are correct. Once you have checked that, it is recommended that you calibrate your microphone.

Push-To-Talk (PTT)
Here you assign your PTT. This can be a joystick assignment or a keyboard assignment. You can only choose one, and make sure you don't choose a key or button, that is not already in use.

Model Matching
In here, you have the possibility to add different aircraft addons to be used, when connected to VATSIM. In the beginning, it is also suggested that you start unticking your addons, like PMDG and FSLabs to save FPS. You shall never have your addon aircrafts ticked, as they can cause problems during your flight. If you have an AI addon installed, this is good to use for model matching.
Our American friends in Boston togehter with other developers has also created an AI-package for vPilot. This package will add AI-models that can be used by vPilot's model matching tool, so that you will be able to see the correct aircraft and liveries online. You can find it here:

It is recommended that you tick this box here, to get the newest version. Stable is more than enough, unless you want to experiment with BETA's. Using BETA's is not recommended, if don't want to risk a crash etc.


In here tick the box Automatically squawk mode C on takeoff. All aircrafts airborne, must squawk mode-C, so it is a good thing to tick this box, so you don't forget it in the beginning.


That's it, have fun with vPilot and VATSIM!



A VATSIM Europe Division service.
Content updated:  2. September 2018.