How to join VATEUD

It is quite simple to become member of VATEUD. You are automatically member of this division by having selected VATEUD and one of our VACC's during the enlisting process at VATSIM. So, if you are a member of VATFRANCE (as example), you are also member of VATEUD since VATFRANCE is member of VATEUD...

But let's start from the beginning:  

  1. In order to join VATEUD, you first need to have a VATSIM account. If you have already got one, go to step 2. If not, consider creating an account.
  2. Now, make sure that your account has got 'Europe' selected as preferred Region, and 'Europe (except UK)' as its preferred Division. You can check this by entering the VATSIM Status Check page and entering your VATSIM ID.
  3. If all of this is correct, you are already part of VATEUD. You may now consider joining a VACC, in which not only will you be able to receive all of your training (if requested), but will also meet other great people who share the same hobbies and interests in aviation as you do. Else, you may want to enter your VATSIM Dashboard for more information on how to change it.
A VATSIM Europe Division service.
Content updated: 25. April 2018.